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We have been involved in the design of many innovative health technology devices and thus accumulated special expertise in this sector. Safety, reliability, ergonomics and good usability are especially emphasized as the starting points in the design of health technology products.


In the design of communication devices, the integration expertise of different areas is emphasized. The technical design is typically defined by the requirements for radio technology and the corresponding antenna solutions. The placement of the electronics, the design of the interfaces and the user interface together with the selection of functional materials are an important part of a functional communication device.


We have been supplying electrical equipment product design to Finland’s leading electrical equipment manufacturers for years. Knowledge of specialty requirements contributes to success in product design solutions. Whether it was a sheet mechanical product or an electrotechnical plastic product. Often, in addition to mechanics, we also provide design and analysis services for the design of electrical equipment. Simulations in the early stages of product development reduce product testing cycles and shorten product development lead times.


Consumer product design is often driven by different factors than professional or industrial equipment design. The consumer product must be very reliable and safe, taking into account the different levels of expertise of the users. The design should take into account the user’s user experience, the uniformity of manufacture and the manufacturing costs of the product. Often, packaging, logistics and environmental friendliness also guide product design. We have been designing consumer products for years. The products have been large series production products and also small series specialty products.


The design of electronic equipment is a service sector in which we want to profile ourselves as the best design organization in Finland.

Our expertise covers all aspects of product development required for electronic device design. We have succeeded in comprehensive project deliveries as well as smaller product change projects.

Our strength is the experience, expertise and organizational structure that enables our team members to have the possibility to consult all possible knowledge from within the organization.

The starting point can be a mere idea from the customer. As a result, we can deliver the finished product and its packaging or even a completely new product family.


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