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Optical design can be used, for example, to optimize light guides for signal lights. Based on this the optimal location and amount of the LEDs can be found.

With injection molding simulations and 2K mold consultation various mechanical problems and visual flaws can be avoided. The simulation can be used to optimize the injection point and wall thicknesses.

Static and dynamic strength calculations can be used to verify the strength of the structure. Also the safety and functionality of the product is ensured, and manufacturing costs optimized.

3D scanning can be used e.g. for quality assurance and so-called “reverse engineering” purposes. 3D scanning allows you to examine the entire geometry instead of individual points or edges. The scanned model can be compared with a 3D modeled version. If differences are found, necessary mold and injection parameter changes can be made.

One of the results of thermal simulation is the temperature distribution of the product. Areas where cooling is needed can be identified and optimized even before prototyping.

Drop, vibration & impact simulations are typical structural simulations. Drop simulations can be used to find the weak points of an entire product before prototyping. This saves both time and money.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is used to study dynamics of liquid and gases, which can be used to recognize possible problem areas in the system. This helps to develop better products without the high cost of experimental setup. In many cases heat transfer is included in the simulations.

We offer comprehensive analysis services to support product development.

By using analysis tools, we are able to identify product risks at the early stages of product development and support design to reach the requirements set for the products.  We are also able to provide even the most challenging computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and dynamic impact analyzes. With analyzes and simulations it is possible to reduce the need for physical prototypes, speed up product development and cut down product development costs.


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