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We offer custom made industrial equipment development. All designs are possible to purchase as turnkey deliveries with CE-certification when required.

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Industrial equipment

Lifting may be done in a unique environment, with different hoists and different requirements. Demanding lifts can be in the very core of the success of the project or form a bottle neck to any production in repetitive actions. Lifting equipment always require a CE-certificate and therefore the safety matters and risk mitigation in the design phase are particularly emphasized.

Transport supports are a common need and often such process also includes dimensional accuracy from the product. Therefore, the product must be supported well and inspected for damage / plastic deformation. When transporting the goods through countries it is important to know the road traffic law, how the harbors operate and what kind of pitfalls there might be considering lifting the goods. The transportation efforts may also be shorter internal transportations but nevertheless it is equally important to handle them right.

Internal logistics play a key role in standardization and efficiency in production. Logistics pallets and interim storages must match the design of their interfaces. Therefore, the design must take into account the inbound, the outbound and the storing phases. Modern internal logistics also means that the IDs are readable and noticed in the design phase.

Fixing the product while welding often requires scalability and tilting/rotating. The dimensions of the products vary and yet they can be processed on the very same production cell. Therefore flexibility, ergonomics, safety, and efficiency are desired features.


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